Sandi Gray-Terry, MSW, LCSW


My services provide help for declining elders and their support systems. If you are sandwiched between raising your own children and caring for declining elders — while juggling a demanding career — you likely need some outside assistance.  Let me help.

I am a trained professional with 25 years of experience who offers various types of elder assessments and consultation.  The services I provide are for elders facing physical and cognitive decline who are in need of consistent, individualized, professional guidance.  My goal is to optimize functioning, reduce family and caregiver stress, and help elders remain in their present setting for as long as possible.

I can help you:

  • understand mild cognitive decline, dementia, and complex medical issues (as well as the interplay between the two).
  • make sure your elder is as safe as possible within their home (often with small changes to their environment).
  • interpret "med-speak" for you or your loved one.
  • ask doctors the questions you really want asked (but are not sure how to ask) or advise you how to ask these questions.
  • understand medications and help improve medication compliance and safety.

If you feel that I can help with your current situation, or if you have any questions about the services I provide, please email me at  I look forward to exploring ways I can be of service to you and your elder.

Contact me:     919-724-6115