Let me deal with the frustrations and minutiae of coordinating care and services for your declining senior so you can better enjoy time with your loved ones.   

I offer various levels of consultation as needed that can help you:

  • understand mild, moderate and severe cognitive decline, dementia, delirium, and complex medical issues.
  • make sure your elder is as safe as possible within their home (often with small changes to their environment).
  • interpret "med-speak" for you or your loved one.
  • ask doctors questions you really want answered or advise how to ask these questions.
  • understand medications and help improve medication compliance and safety.
  • advise family and friends on communication styles and techniques that will alleviate frustration and improve everyone's time spent together.
  • prepare you for emerging changes to avoid crises that are devastating to seniors as well as families.
  • assess whether your loved one may be on too many medications.
  • get a good "take" on your senior's current memory function to plan for what is needed at this time, as well as the future.
  • research the interplay between complex medical problems to help everyone understand what may, or may not, be realistic in regard to medical or psychiatric treatment (what things may contribute to longer health and vitality, and what things contribute to more steady declines).
  • help prepare everyone for future decline - to have the time to be proactive versus reactive - and to advise when there are sudden changes which, if not taken seriously, can lead to serious declines.

Whether your elder is living independently in their own home, in your home, in an elder care facility or nursing home, I can help.  

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