Professional Testimonials

"She is the gentle teacher, the relentless advocate, the trustworthy listening ear, and will always be your biggest cheerleader."

Sandi and I worked together in a community health clinic to provide health care to patients of all ages. She was an invaluable resource to countless families of North Carolina and Virginia. Sandi is highly intelligent, generous and kind—she truly cares about others’ physical and mental well-being. She is a strong person and one of the most interesting people I know. She draws from a wealth of life experiences to empathize with others, and provide guidance, emotional support, and encouragement. Sandi is beyond competent to guide and advocate — especially the geriatric population — with her ‘young at heart’ attitude and true grit.
— Dr. Mimi Miles, Durham, NC
As a physician, I was undoubtedly lucky to have Sandi’s intelligence, camaraderie and skill on my healthcare team for three years. For a family, Sandi is the team member you have always wanted. She easily connects with her patients and creates a safe environment to enhance the healthcare setting. As an Integrated Care Practitioner, Sandi was able to help patients understand the healthcare system and medical care they received while in the office; and I believe she can do the same for you and your family. I highly recommend Sandi Gray-Terry as an elder care coordinator and consultant.
— Dr. Christina Garcia, Charlotte, NC
I have had the privilege of working with Sandi Gray-Terry for the 15 years I’ve practiced family medicine. I have never seen a more conscientious, caring, effective practitioner. I always know that when I send a patient to Sandi, he or she will get the best possible care, provided in the way I would want it to be given if I could do it myself. It is exciting to now have Sandi available to fill this geriatric niche, offering services in an area where the need is great and the care complex. Even better, it gives me great comfort and confidence to know that my patients and their families may benefit from Sandi’s experience, guidance, and dedication.
— Bill Dennis, MD Henderson, NC
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Sandi is a passionate and talented professional who cares deeply for those around her and connects well ... she has a great skill set and extensive experience caring for the elderly and people with complex needs. I would definitely let her care for a member of my own family!
— Jodi Roque, MD, Providence, RI
I have known and worked with Sandi Gray-Terry in a healthcare setting since November 2014. She is a cheerful, upbeat person who develops a quick and easy rapport with her patients. Her geriatric patients and their families look forward to their visits with her, not only because they recognize her skill in working with them to address their concerns, but also because they simply enjoy spending time with her. Highly recommended!
— Bill Selvidge, MD, Chapel Hill, NC
Sandi is a joy to collaborate with. She brings a high level of expertise to the field, and her thorough assessment, critical thinking, and attention to detail leave no stone unturned. Her candid and forthright style allows her to quickly develop a rapport with any client. She has substantial knowledge with regard to medications, disease processes, and is always seeking a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection. She is attuned to psychological and cognitive issues alike, and she is able to tease out physiological concerns that warrant further investigation by the medical team. I learned a great deal from Sandi with regard to multi-disciplinary treatment of cognitive disorders and elder care. As we closely collaborated, she influenced my script writing in regard to reducing polypharmacy with our seniors. She is the gentle teacher, the relentless advocate, the trustworthy listening ear, and will always be your biggest cheerleader. She is an invaluable resource for our elders.
— Tina White, RN, MSN, FNP-C, Chapel Hill, NC
I have known Sandi for more than six years and have always been impressed with her passion for patients, conscientiousness, and ability to truly understand her patients and the complexities and nuances of their individual situations. She has a strong work ethic and has never been afraid to speak her mind to ensure that her patients receive the care that they both need and deserve. Her communication skills are excellent and she forms strong bonds with individuals working in healthcare, patients, and their families. I would feel very comfortable with Sandi providing care for an elderly member of my family.”
— Lawrence Greenblatt, MD; Professor of Medicine; Medical Director, Northern Piedmont Community Care
I had the pleasure of working with Sandi Gray-Terry during her employment at Northern Piedmont Community Care (NPCC) as her supervisor and teammate. I can honestly say that she is one of the most compassionate professionals I have ever worked with! Sandi’s amazing organizational, communication and motivational skills, along with her tireless work ethic were instrumental in her success as the network’s Palliative Care Coordinators and Clinical Social Worker.
As Palliative Care Coordinator, Sandi rose to the challenge of broadening the awareness of advance care directives and end-of-life issues throughout the network’s five rural counties. Her clinical knowledge and collaboration skills were beneficial in providing direct service consults to patients and families per provider referrals: in homes, hospitals, adult care homes or primary care practices. Sandi provided education to medical providers in regard to multi-disciplinary palliative care models and encouraged the use of advance care directives and MOST* forms. (*Medical Order for Scope of Treatment).
Sandi’s amazing personality and fun-loving spirit is inspiring to everyone. She is respectful, courteous and kind, which makes her such a great patient advocate, clinician, teammate and friend. I highly recommend Sandi to assist you and/or your loved ones with any of the services she provides.
— Jeaneen Beckham, Program Coordinator, Northern Piedmont Community Care
You can count on Sandi to support and care for your aging loved ones. She is a skilled clinician, a patient-centered advocate, and an all-around wonderful person to have on your team!
— Jessica Barnhill, M.D., Chapel Hill, NC

Patient Testimonials

Sandi restored the joy in our lives.

[In 2014] I was struggling to understand what was going on with all the medications my 87-year-old mother was taking, as a patient with Alzheimer’s living in a nursing home. . . she had become so lethargic  [and when I went to visit her]  she would fall asleep, even while I was giving her a manicure...

[The summer of 2015] Sandi came to visit my mom with me; after the visit I shared my mom’s medication list . . . Sandi was able to explain the therapeutic effects of the medications, their possible “off-label” use and their possible side effects in such a way that I was able to form an educated opinion about my mom’s complicated medication regimen. 

Armed with this knowledge, I was able to have a meeting with the patient management team and we were able to rework mom’s medication list to one which allowed her to wake out of her stupor and engage more fully in activities she enjoys.  I am amazed to see how bright she is these days in comparison to how hard to reach she had been for a couple of years.

I am so appreciative of Sandi’s help in this transformation . . . Sandi helped by coaching me about how to present my concerns with the medical staff in such a way as to not come across as offensive or threatening.  This is Sandi’s wheelhouse.  She not only knows the elderly population and many of the problems they face, but she knows how the system works and how to get things done.  She has great compassion for the people she encounters and I saw, first-hand, how quickly she could create rapport with people in my mom’s nursing home during our visit!

I highly recommend Sandi Gray-Terry and know you will love working with her!
— Deborah Meuse, Licensed Accupuncturist, Peterborough, NH

Sandi coached us on what to expect.

We moved my mother-in-law from her home of 35 years in Connecticut to a retirement community in North Carolina in 2011, and then from independent living to assisted living for memory impaired in 2014. Sandi was a huge support for us through both of those transitions. She quickly established a warm and friendly rapport with Priscilla and assessed her current abilities and needs. Sandi coached us on what to expect in terms of Priscilla’s emotional responses to the changes and helped us brainstorm on how best to respond to them. 

When we were out of the area, or the country, on vacation, Sandi visited Priscilla to provide companionship and to “eyeball” her situation. On one occasion that meant cleaning her kitchen and disposing of spoiled food in the fridge. On another it involved finding an entire week’s worth of meds spilled on the bathroom floor! Sandi identified and counted each med, contacted the nursing staff, and ensured Priscilla had the medicines in the correct dosages. As Priscilla was in independent living at that point, it would have been days before the staff discovered the missing meds.

With no siblings nearby to share the burden of being the primary contacts for Priscilla, Sandi has been an invaluable resource for us. She has an all-encompassing view of elders, one that is compassionate and respectful of who they are now, and who they have been. She is trustworthy and skilled at what she does. She strives to ensure family members are as aware and involved and as they want to be, and are able to enjoy a meaningful relationship with their loved one. This work truly is her calling, and any family who works with her is lucky indeed.
— Nancy Nye, Durham, NC

She is a genuinely caring and compassionate professional

I so appreciated Sandi’s expertise and clear-headed approach while I was in the process of trying to make sense of my father’s changing needs.  She draws from a wealth of experience, which gives her insight into a range of situations — whether it is medication, medical care, living situations — and has an excellent ability to develop solutions as conditions of change.  She is good at assessing situations, knows what to look for, and the right questions to ask.  In addition to her experience and expertise, she is genuinely a caring and compassionate professional, with a manner that engenders trust and rapport.  Her primary goal is to help find the best possible outcome for elders, their families, and caregivers.  I would recommend Sandi, without reservation, to anyone looking for someone to assist with the care of their elderly loved ones.
— Beth Fowler, Durham, NC